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Bos Financial and Corporate Communication offers a wide package of services to companies and institutions, armed with knowledge of the latest developments, the economy and the political landscape, plus media know-how and a cross-sector network.

Improved corporate communication

Our communication advisors

When it was founded in 1998, Bos Financial and Corporate Communication focused on serving the financial and industrial sectors. Over the years, it has extended its services, providing corporate communication advice to a wide range of clients in many sectors, including retail, chemistry, ICT, food, health, luxury goods, bio and life-sciences, construction, education, traffic and transport, energy, oil and gas, as well as international NGOs, and large legal and accountancy firms.


Since 2000, Bos Financial and Corporate Communication has collaborated with Van Kempen Associates on multidisciplinary and extensive assignments, benefitting from shared knowledge and networks. Also based in The Hague, Van Kempen brings together colleagues with a very broad experience, extensive expertise and specialisms.  The collaboration with Van Kempen Associates is one aspect of the quality of our services.

Services of Bos Financial and Corporate Communication:

  • Corporate communications advise with the insights from consultancy and journalism.
  • Well-established network in the media sector.
  • Thorough, up-to-date knowledge of markets, political landscapes, reputations, corporate opportunities and risks involved.
  • Boardroom consultancy on strategy and communication.
  • Original and proficient written interviews and articles for customer-relation channels, scientific or trade journals and general media.
  • Features and opinion articles in Dutch media.
  • Excellent and comprehensive editing skills for many purposes.
  • In-depth knowledge of the mode of operations of media and journalism.
  • Re-styling of annual reports, corporate presentations, and anniversary publications.
  • Interview and media training for management and spokespersons.
  • Translation of academic and legal texts for a broad audience.
  • Integration of storytelling in corporate communications.
  • Drafting of, and advice on, speeches and position papers.
  • Assistance with thesis/dissertation writing for social-sciences and the humanities.