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Bos Financial and Corporate Communication provides a wide range of services to improve your company's or institution's communications. Communicate the right message to the right audience with the help of a communication specialist.

Improve your communications with Bos Financial and Corporate Communication

Our specialists improve your communications

Learn to communicate in good times and in bad times, anticipate the response of your target audience and find the right words in times of crisis – Bos Financial and Corporate Communication advises management boards on communication strategies for these situations. Our communication specialists can help by acting as a sounding board, in implementing a new style of annual report, or by giving advice on how to implement new legislation and regulations governing financial and corporate communications.


We are well-established experts on media and targeted communications, Our communication advisers are fully committed and provide custom-made advice. Deadlines are deadlines. When it comes to corporate communications, containing the right message and communicated to the right audience, we will always give 100%.

Established in 1998, Bos Financial and Corporate Communication was the product of many years of experience in Dutch and foreign journalism, reporting on politics, finance and economics. Since then, it has seen companies and national economies rise and fall. All this has improved the analytical power and stylish approach that are central to Bos Financial and Corporate Communication's strategy.

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